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Welcome to Lintasevolusi

Lintasevolusi has been providing Information Technology / Information Systems (IT / IS) consulting services to companies in Indonesia since 2007. We provide innovative solutions for our clients to meet today’s business challenges. We utilize the experience gained in various partnership with the industry, and with a new strategy to bring practical solutions in solving complex problems.

We proudly offer our clients with a complete solution, which specializes in areas of IT / IS from the development to delivery and post-implementation support. We work with our clients in a way that satisfies their needs, tailored to the specific circumstances.

Lintasevolusi will assist your company in finding and implementing an information system solution that would support an increase in the value of your company’s business.With the skills and experience that we have, Lintasevolusi will provide solutions to align Information Technology / Information Systems (IT / IS) with your company’s business strategy, and ensuring that the Information Technology / Information Systems (IT / IS) supports the achievement of your company business objectives.

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